Report says Apple ‘fanboys’ will make the iWatch an incredible success

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The smartwatch market is dominated by Samsung, followed by Sony and Pebble, according to a mid-May Strategy Analytics report, but that may change as soon as Apple’s rumored iWatch launches. Obtained by Forbes, a new research note from Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty reveals that Apple’s ecosystem strength and consumer loyalty are going to drive an incredible amount of sales in the first year alone.

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3 strategies for for defining your mobile-content management approach

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Many acknowledge the need to manage mobile content, but there is currently no consensus on how to do so. Enter the mobile content management software market, which holds a number of strategies and tactical approaches for vendors with important go-to-market decisions.

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#Love: Virtually No Sex

Squink Lets You Print A Circuit Board For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

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3D printing has changed the way engineers test products, allowing them to cut down on time and costs. But what about 3D printing the components that go into most of these products?

Botfactory computer engineer Carlos Ospina said that most of the people he encountered didn’t believe it was possible. But he’s proven them wrong with Squink, a portable circuit board factory that allows you to test your project in minutes in the comfort of your home — costing around $2 to print.

Launched on Kickstarter last week, Squink prints conductive ink on specific materials such as photo paper or glass. In the span of about three days, Ospina and his team have raised about $24,000 on Kickstarter.

The circuit board is designed through a web-based portal usable only with Squink plugged in. The printer applies conductive glue dots onto the ink and then picks up components from a tray, aligns them and places them…

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Lexalytics Acquires Semantria To Bring Sentiment Analysis To The Masses

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Sentiment analysis is an important tool for businesses looking to get a better understanding of how their customers feel about their products. Instead of surveys that offer abstract ratings, it lets companies look at the emotions underlying how users talk about their goods or services.

Lexalytics has offered such technology for years, licensing its Salience Engine to other firms who then baked it into product’s like DataSift’s social media filtering platform. Now it’s looking to bring that same technology to smaller firms around the globe with the acquisition of Semantria, whose Excel-based sentiment analysis tool offers an easy, affordable way to find out the emotions behind customer satisfaction ratings.

Semantria CEO Oleg Rogynskyy claims that his company’s Excel plug-in can get a person from zero to complete sentiment analysis within minutes of signing up, assuming they’ve already got tweets, Facebook posts, or some other data set to look at. Now that it’s joining Lexalytics…

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XPocalypse now: XP stragglers are now wide open to hackers

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If you’re still using Windows XP and you’re not doling out extra cash to Microsoft to maintain support, then congratulations: You’re now vulnerable to all kinds of fun malware that hackers have been saving up for just this occasion. It’s April 8th, which means that it’s also the last day that Microsoft will give technical support for Windows XP.

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Six useful JavaScript libraries for dealing with data – Computerworld

These libraries can help format your data for analysis or a compelling online presentation.

March 6, 2013 06:00 AM ET

Computerworld - Need to reformat data for use in another application? Plot it on a map? Use it for an interactive Web graphic? These open-source JavaScript libraries can help turn your data into a suitable format for analysis or a compelling online presentation.

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