XPocalypse now: XP stragglers are now wide open to hackers

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If you’re still using Windows XP and you’re not doling out extra cash to Microsoft to maintain support, then congratulations: You’re now vulnerable to all kinds of fun malware that hackers have been saving up for just this occasion . It’s April 8th, which means that it’s also the last day that Microsoft will give technical support for Windows XP.

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Six useful JavaScript libraries for dealing with data – Computerworld

These libraries can help format your data for analysis or a compelling online presentation.

March 6, 2013 06:00 AM ET

Computerworld - Need to reformat data for use in another application? Plot it on a map? Use it for an interactive Web graphic? These open-source JavaScript libraries can help turn your data into a suitable format for analysis or a compelling online presentation.

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Why machine learning is still getting the human touch in retail

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Handing power back to the people who know their business is becoming a more common practice, even in environments where big data has taken a driver’s seat on the technology side. That’s especially true in retail, where marketing campaigns, overstocked inventory or other concerns might trump straight-up algorithmic recommendations.

On Tuesday, for example, software-as-a-service startup BloomReach announced a new product that tries to give marketing and merchandising experts more control over their websites. Called SNAP (short for search, navigation and personalization) it lets the people in charge of product placement on retail websites exercise their judgment over BloomReach’s machine learning algorithms via a visual interface for determining what content is shown and whether personalization is turned on at all.

We have covered BloomReach’s service before, but the short explanation is that it’s a cloud service for determining what content retail websites should show visitors. That might mean displaying a sponsored…

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Microsoft Adds Full TypeScript Support To Visual Studio

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About a year and a half ago, Microsoft unveiled its TypeScript language  to help programmers write large programs in JavaScript. Starting today, with the arrival of the first release candidate of TypeScript 1.0 and the latest update to Visual Studio 2013 , it’s becoming a fully supported language in Microsoft’s IDE.

That’s a strong commitment by Microsoft to TypeScript and brings it to the same level of built-in support as C# and Visual Basic. Until now, developers had to install a Visual Studio extension to enable support for the language. That wasn’t exactly a hardship, but the built-in support shows the importance Microsoft is giving this language.

At its core, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that adds features like optional static typing and classes for object-oriented programming to the language. Microsoft argues this enables the development of better tools for JavaScript and makes programmers more productive, while preserving compatibility…

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Top 10 Portable Wireless Speakers | Colour My Learning

If you’re rooting for the drone team, then chalk up another win: Rolls-Royce is working on unmanned cargo ships, that would roam the Earth’s oceans packed with crates of goods, controlled by captains safe on shore using virtual reality facilities to pilot their fleets. In other word’s, tomorrow’s salty tales of ghost ships with no one left on board could be all too verifiable, and hardly cause for alarm.

Bloomberg reports on the project, which aims to make the seafaring shipping industry safer, less expensive and easier on the environment. The market is worth $375 billion annually, and despite our mastering of flight, we shill ship 90 percent of traded goods over the waves, according to the article. These automated versions would aim to make that huge volume safer and more efficient, but of course it’ll have to contend with a variety of concerns first, including worries about safety and labour concerns from unions and workers.

Stripping all those accommodations needed by fleshy human labor from the huge cargo liners would clear up even more room for cargo, according to Rolls-Royce’s early designs – while also making them 5 percent lighter, with 12 to 15 percent less fuel burn per trip. Plus you’re saving up to $3,300 per day in crew costs, which currently make up 44 percent of the total overall operating expenses for manned ocean-bound shipping.

Before you get too excited there, Mr. Shipping Magnate, know that these things are currently probably at least a decade out from being anywhere near sea legal, and the largest union on the sea vocally opposes the idea outright, saying that drone ships are no replacement for human intellect and perception. Plus, if these ever replace our current waterborne shipping mechanisms, future generations will never experience coming of age stories like the one depicted in David Mamet’s Lakeboat (warning: this contains all the cusses so watch the volume if you’re at work).

Despite all the cautioning, however, there’s no question that logistics companies are hungry for this kind of automation, since it means cheaper prices overall decades down the road, plus faster and more efficient delivery from warehouse to customer (especially important as more shopping moves online). People will not accept the coming shipping bots readily, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still arrive eventually. And the waves will be waiting.

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Top 10 Portable Wireless Speakers | Colour My Learning.

Google just updated Google Maps – here are 5 awesome new features you have to try

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Google Maps is one of several free Google services that have changed our lives. It’s easy to take for granted since it has become such a staple, but the world was much more difficult to traverse — virtually and literally — before Google came along and mapped it out so thoroughly. Google just rolled out a big update to its desktop Google Maps website that adds a bunch of new functionality to this already-great product, but there are a few new additions in particular that you really should check out.

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Typical Programmer – Why don’t software development methodologies work?

Typical Programmer – Why don’t software development methodologies work?.